The Lonely Prayer…

The Lonely Prayer…

Hi all, after some quiet time, i just found a nice picture i did in Jerusalem. Quick shoot as I don’t really like to shoot  in that particular place, but opportunity was good enough to overcome my personal limitation…

Independance Day

Independance Day - F16There are some days where you need to be at the right place, at the right moment…Besides the very patriotic symbol around that day, The Independance Day in Israel also means lots of planes in the sky of Tel Aviv…Once again, choosing the good one was difficult but I bbelieve I picked up the most meaningful one……But you can see some other nice shoots here

The…Orange Rose

When you decide to launch a food business, especially in the dessert field and especially if when your friends know you can do also lots of nice things with sugar paste (and gum paste…), you need to be prepared for special order…like a wedding cake, even if it’s not exact Sweet Factory field :-).

The orange rose

Orange rose for a wedding cake

That’s how Edith managed to start working on Roses made of Gum paste… (near Sugar paste, but not the same, as she says…). And when I saw her hanging these wonderful pieces of art to dry them before working on the next layer, i saw there a nice stage for shooting…Just think about there will be 24 others like this one…wow…amazing, isn’t it???

Ok, I again played with a mix of W&B and colour…but that’s how I see things…here. Enjoy and see you in the next post…

Sky light…

Sometimes, it is just obvious you need to shoot and you just know it will give a nice pic…That’s what i like about photography…no need to think hard !!! The only question is…which one you like the most ??? I can’t figure out…Can you help??IMG_0002

Sweet Factory, this is it !!

Sweet Factory_Logocarre_FB
Now I can say it’s Live :-)
I know my blog is a « Photography » blog, but you will also enjoy very nice dessert pictures in our website, pictures that I have taken…And don’t forget to « LIKE » our picto_FB_Signature page. We’ve been working hard to build the first step of getting our business on its feet and it’s done. Now, this is where the really hard work starts..getting our first customers !!!

So, you need some excellent, original and tasteful desserts for your next event, cocktail party, bar/bat mitzvah or wedding? Are you more « Paris » or « New York », more « Barcelona » or  » Jakarta »?

Choose Sweet Factory as your Dessert Catering  Company for your very special event and you and your guest will have THE journey through the world of flavors you all deserve.

Middle life crisis, new challenges, big changes

White Chocolate bavaroise and Citrus Bites.jpg Well, call it what you want, coincidence or not, I’ve reached some point where I decided to go where I wanted to go, where I will surely have more fun, where I’ll discover some new passion… I’ve decided to invest my time in my family and marriage, in some way, although it will literally « eat » my time, at least for the next two years. I’ve decided to take that chance with my wife and build a new business with her great culinary talent and start sharing some new way to eat dessert here, in Israel, and share that new passion of « verrines » !!!…I will say no more, just contemplate the picture, and think about it, or comment…more will come, stay tuned…

Strange scene in nightclub

Night Club Tel Aviv.jpg

Hi all, I know…I know, it’s been a while, but I worn you…not an easy challenge for me to post every week, not to mention the busy time I’m going through right now. I can not say much right now as we are working on a fairly new project, but you will know soon enough. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you that curious pic I took in the stairs of a nightclub, on my way to the toilets…fun isn’t it??

Some words about an app

Namal Tel Aviv.jpg

Here we go….I launch the first post with the picture of the week. Actually, I took the opportunity of discovering a wonderful App for iPad: Colorsplash.
One App that enables so easily to transform your pictures and enhance the colors !
I took one of my pics that comes from Tel Aviv Harbor where the city exposed some colorful pictures on the deck and decided to take out the colors except for the images…
Try that, it’s good fun, first of all, and it allows you to watch your work from a new angle…

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